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US and 47 Other Nations at UN Denounce Iran’s Missile Strike on Israel

The United States, along with 47 other member states of the United Nations, has issued a strong condemnation of Iran’s recent missile and drone assault on Israel. This coalition highlighted the serious potential for significant destruction and casualties due to the attack.

In a collective statement, these nations expressed their concerns, noting, “This assault not only threatened significant damage and potential loss of life in Israel but also compromised the airspace of several neighboring countries. This put numerous innocent lives at risk and violated airspace near Jerusalem’s sacred sites.”

The statement praised the coordinated defense measures that helped prevent further violence escalation in the region. It also criticized Iran’s actions beyond the assault, specifically its seizure of a ship connected to Israel in the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz. The group called for the immediate release of both the vessel and its crew.

Highlighting a troubling pattern, the statement remarked, “Iran’s recent acts of aggression are part of a continuing sequence of perilous and destabilizing activities by the nation and its affiliated militant groups, posing a serious threat to global peace and security.”

The countries urged all parties in the region to engage in measures that would prevent further escalation. They emphasized the necessity of adhering to and fully implementing all relevant UN resolutions and declared a commitment to intensify diplomatic efforts aimed at resolving tensions in the Middle East.

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