Unleashing Innovation: HIKVISION iDS-2CD70C5G0/H-AP and iDS-2CD7146G0/H-IZ(H)S(Y)

Unleashing Innovation: HIKVISION iDS-2CD70C5G0/H-AP and iDS-2CD7146G0/H-IZ(H)S(Y).Elevate Your Surveillance with HIKVISION iDS-2CD70C5G0/H-AP and iDS-2CD7146G0/H-IZ(H)S(Y)

In the ever-evolving landscape of surveillance technology, staying ahead is paramount. HIKD, in collaboration with HIKVISION CAMERAS, presents two groundbreaking solutions: the HIKVISION iDS-2CD70C5G0/H-AP and iDS-2CD7146G0/H-IZ(H)S(Y). These cutting-edge cameras are engineered to redefine surveillance excellence.

HIKD and HIKVISION: Powering Surveillance Together

As a trusted distributor of HIKVISION’s state-of-the-art surveillance solutions, HIKD is proud to introduce these innovative products. Our partnership is founded on delivering unmatched quality and innovation, designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern surveillance.

Discovering Excellence with HIKVISION iDS-2CD70C5G0/H-AP


  • 12 MP Ultra-High Resolution: The iDS-2CD70C5G0/H-AP boasts 12 MP resolution, ensuring every detail is captured with unparalleled clarity.
  • Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) 2.0: Offering seamless 3rd party integration, this camera is equipped with 2 Tops computing power, 150 MB system memory, 800 MB smart RAM, and 2 GB eMMC storage for resource sharing.
  • DarkFighter Technology: Experience exceptional low-light performance, enabling clear imaging even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Dynamic Wide Dynamic Range (DWDR): Overcoming strong backlighting, this camera provides impeccable image quality.
  • Efficient Compression: Utilizing H.265+ compression technology, it optimizes bandwidth and storage usage.
  • Versatile Streaming: With 5 streams, it caters to a wide range of surveillance applications.
  • Real-time Audio Security: A built-in microphone ensures real-time audio monitoring, enhancing overall security.

Empowering Surveillance with HIKVISION iDS-2CD7146G0/H-IZ(H)S(Y)


  • 4 MP Crystal-Clear Imaging: This camera delivers high-quality imaging with a 4 MP resolution.
  • HEOP 2.0 Integration: Supporting 3rd party integration, it features 2 Tops computing power, 150 MB system memory, 1024 MB smart RAM, and 2 GB eMMC storage for resource sharing.
  • DarkFighter Technology: Exceptional low-light performance ensures that no detail goes unnoticed.
  • 140 dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): Overcoming intense backlighting, it guarantees clear and detailed images.
  • Efficient Compression: Employing H.265+ compression technology, it optimizes bandwidth and storage utilization.
  • Multiple Streams: Offering 5 streams, it adapts seamlessly to diverse surveillance requirements.
  • Built to Last: With IP67-rated water and dust resistance and vandal-proofing (IK10), this camera excels in various environmental conditions.

The Future of Surveillance

With HIKD and HIKVISION, you’re not just investing in cameras; you’re embracing the future of surveillance technology. The iDS-2CD70C5G0/H-AP and iDS-2CD7146G0/H-IZ(H)S(Y) exemplify our commitment to pushing boundaries and providing cutting-edge surveillance solutions. Elevate your surveillance game with innovation, precision, and reliability. The future of surveillance is here.

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