CCTV-MALL leads a new chapter in intelligent transportation – Dahua intelligent monitoring solutions help traffic safety

“With the introduction of Dahua’s intelligent surveillance solutions, CCTV-MALL plays a pivotal role in the global smart transportation sector. Leveraging advanced traffic violation detection systems and intelligent camera technology, this solution effectively reduces the risk of road accidents and enhances overall traffic safety.”

Globally, road traffic accidents claim about 1.3 million lives every year and cause losses of up to 3% of GDP to the economies of various countries. This is especially true in low- and middle-income countries, which account for 93% of global road fatalities, despite having only 60% of global car ownership.

To address this challenge, the World Health Organization suggests that designing safer infrastructure and integrating it into land use and transportation planning is key. As the core channel of Dahua’s intelligent monitoring solutions, CCTV-MALL provides strong support for ensuring road safety by introducing Dahua’s intelligent traffic management solutions.

In our previous blog, we introduced Dahua’s intelligent traffic management solution and its two core highlights. First, the solution’s traffic enforcement feature provides a series of intelligent detection systems that can accurately capture various traffic violations on the road. Here are some of the traffic violations the solution can detect:

**At intersections and intersections**

The solution is able to detect violations such as pedestrian crossings, illegal lane changes, failure to obey road signs and parking in cycle lanes. At the same time, it is also able to detect speeding and red light running, two of the most common traffic violations.

Speeding is the main cause of traffic accidents. In high-income countries, speeding accounts for about 30% of traffic fatalities, while in middle-income countries, this proportion is as high as 50%.

The camera equipped with Dahua Intelligent Traffic Management Solution has automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) technology, which can capture the license plate number and time of vehicles in the detection area. This information is then transmitted to the DMSS platform and used to estimate the average speed of each passing vehicle. The recommended detection area distance is 2-5 kilometers, and the accuracy rate is as high as 99.8%. As the length of the detection area increases, the error range will decrease accordingly.

In addition, for user convenience, Dahua provides portable and fixed installation options, suitable for point speed detection and section speed detection, allowing traffic personnel to move to different road points as needed.

**In addition, red light enforcement is a key link in traffic management. Statistics show that about 21.5% of traffic accidents every year are caused by drivers running red lights. **

Currently, most red light enforcement solutions rely on underground sensors, which come with several inconveniences (such as the need to dig up the ground to bury the sensors). In contrast, Dahua’s intelligent traffic management solution is centered around video. At the heart of the solution is a system that synchronizes the status of red light signals with camera trigger signals. Once a violation occurs, the Dahua camera (such as the ITC952-AU3F-LZF1640 model) will take three violation photos as evidence: license plate number, traffic light status, and scene overview. The DSS management and storage platform collects this data from each camera and distributes it to customer operators for further processing. Edge storage devices ensure that data is retained even in the event of a power outage.

**For highways, overpasses or ramps**

In these critical areas, it is vital to adhere to appropriate speeds and driving behavior. Dahua Intelligent Traffic Management Solution has a suitable set of smart tools to help enforce traffic regulations. In addition to detecting speeding and red light violations, the solution can also detect the use of mobile phones while driving, failure to wear seat belts, failure to obey traffic signs, occupying emergency lanes, illegal lane changes, and driving in the wrong direction.

The solution supports simultaneous multi-track tracking of up to 6 vehicles, with a detection range of 3 meters to 100 meters and a monitoring range of up to 4 lanes. For scenarios requiring long-distance detection, it provides a 28MP dual-lens traffic camera with a monitoring distance of up to 80 meters.

**In urban areas**

Dahua Intelligent Traffic Management Solution also provides a large truck detection function, which can identify large trucks that are prohibited in the monitored area (“no-go zone”) based on weight and size and specific time periods. Additionally, it offers helmet detection to help ensure you are wearing a safety helmet while riding a motorcycle.

In addition, illegal parking can also be detected, with a coverage area of up to 200 meters (diameter) and a blind zone of only 16 meters. Learn more about technical information.

**Global Application Cases**

A city in Mongolia is facing an increasing number of vehicles, resulting in a series of transportation challenges such as a lack of license plate recognition systems, quality technical support, and affordable transportation solutions. To help the city improve traffic management, Dahua intelligent traffic management solutions were implemented, including violation detection, ANPR system, speed measurement system and command and control system at the traffic center. In total, Dahua has installed ANPR systems on 28 roads, violation detection systems at eight intersections, as well as two moving speed measurement systems and 15 high-spot PTZ surveillance cameras.

Additionally, in Indonesia, a study showed that 61% of people killed in road accidents were riders of two- or three-wheeled vehicles. Failure to wear helmets and shared rides are leading causes of fatal accidents. Wearing a standard motorcycle helmet correctly can reduce the risk of death by nearly 40% and the risk of serious injury by more than 70%. Dahua’s intelligent traffic management solution is deployed in the country to accurately detect riders without helmets and those carrying multiple passengers at the same time, helping to prevent accidents and ensure road safety.

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